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Welcome to CrossFit Outrival | Kenosha, Wi

Your Greatest Rival Lies Within

“Your Greatest Rival Lies Within”

How does CrossFit differ from any other training program? CrossFit training is designed to prepare individuals to literally maximize their potential: to be their fastest, strongest, most capable selves. The premise is that life is unpredictable. Sports are unpredictable. The unexpected happens and it happens quickly. The demands are immediate, spontaneous, and typically short. Therefore, whether training for fitness or to be an athlete, or in preparation for the demands of a high risk job, our workouts should resemble real life encounters.

Mirroring the demands of real life, CrossFit workouts are constantly varied. The level of difficulty changes with each training session. The duration of each exercise is typically short but also varies from workout to workout. Likewise, an average workout lasts only 20 minutes.(Seriously, when is the last time life required you to keep repeating the same physical task over and over again for more than 20 minutes?) CrossFit workouts promise to be ever changing and tough…but they are also quick and highly effective.

Within the training environment of CrossFit Outrival a camaraderie is forged among its members. As each participant learns to prevail over his own limits, he also learns to be mentor, encourager and brother to the others as they pursue their own goals. Everyone redefines who he/she is and what he/she is capable of. These accomplishments, shared by all of our members, are part of the fitness matrix that makes the relationships within our walls unique and bonding. Considerable growth with mutual support and admiration create a sense of community for our members and accountability for their performances… something that is sadly missing in most gyms and spas today.

“I strongly recommend CrossFit Outrival to anyone. As a sports chiropractor, I know the importance of exercising, but more importantly, exercising properly. All of the coaches at CrossFit Outrival are well-trained and diligent in providing constructive feedback on form and performance. This feedback helps to decrease injuries and keep everyone going strong. They do a great job at scaling the workout to each persons individual level and helping them to reach their health and fitness goals. On top of the health benefits, you build a community of friends who are their to support and encourage you!” 

John Daniels

Sports Chiropractor - DC, CCSP, CCEP

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